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In our second installment of Friday lunches where I stop at a BBQ joint somewhere on my way back from a week of work. Again, this is not necessarily about the best BBQ, or Texas best BBQ, but, rather, about stopping at a few off the beaten path joints and reviewing them. Fridays took us to a place in Hubbard, Texas called Gene’s Pit BBQ. I had seen this place on my travels on the back roads to Dallas. More appropriately, I have smelled it.  True best BBQ aroma resonates well beyond the establishment, and this one did.  So I had to stop.  Today, however, I just ordered a brisket sandwich instead of the plate with sides.  They offered them, mind you, but the menu is on a white board, and unlike other best bbq joints, they do not have the sides sitting in bins under heat lights.

The brisket was smoked to perfection. A beautiful ring around the outside.  Great Mesquite smoke flavor.  Now when you order a sandwich from Gene’s, it comes one way.  All the fixins on it. So pickles, onions and sauce are just put on.  They do not ask you for your choice.  The onions, I swear, were sautéed before putting on the sandwich.  Normally, the onions are place on there raw, creating a good pungent onion flavor that sticks with you for three days afterword.  But to sauté them?  Man. The sauce, onion, and pickles just melted into the bun as one big taste orgasm. The sandwich was stuffed so full, really, you need a fork to eat it. The brisket was of superior quality. Now for you health nuts, be aware, Gene’s does not trim the brisket to slice it onto the sandwich, so it had the requisite 1/4 inch of fat on one side of many of the slices.  Most joints trim this away, but not Gene’s.

The one area of issue was once again the amount of cooking time.  The brisket was a bit tough overall. With such a good cut of meat, the issue here is cooking it long enough at a an extremely controlled temperature. Tough for a bbq resturaunt to do. So Gene, again, like the last review, leave that brisket on for another hour or so, and you will have struck perfection.

This place warrants another stop.  This time, I will order a plate with the two sides. Not sure what my choices are, but I will figure it out. The eating area is very, well, cute, as most girls will offer. It was decorated with old time artifacts. I was the only person in there at this time. Most of their traffic during the day comes from people driving hwy 31 and stopping like I did. The total for the sandwich and a Diet Dr Pepper was $4.60. The one meat plate went for $7.75.  These are extremely reasonable prices for BBQ joints.

I will be back for follow up.  I give them 7 out of 10 total boots. The  only issue was meat tenderness.  I expect a lot in this catagory. If they get up a bit earlier next time I come through on a Friday, and they have cooked longer, look for the above score to greatly improve.  Assuming their sides are as good as the best BBQ


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