Reddgranite and DWF Home Again

On July 12, 2010, in Concert Reviews, by admin

I am never more amazed at the result when I join my friends in the Dazzling Weasel Faces for performances. The latest was our annual, uh, make that semi annual trek to my home stomping grounds in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The fact is, I only am able to join DWF maybe 4-5 times a year. Would like it to be more, but life drives us down a different freeway too many times.

This year, we were all able to pull it together. Of course, I am from Kenosha, Wisconsin, so this trip doubles as an opportunity to see family. This was a rich experience as we are all from different areas of the country.  This weekend, we converged on Kenosha, with a beautiful side trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin….if not more than any thing, to show my Texas comrades Lake Geneva. The thing is, my life is in Texas, but you never really lift your foot from the cement that is your home. There is always one foot there….and every time I go, we just pick up as if I never left

Performance wise, this was an advanced set of nights.   Friday we played at Tailgators ( no website, obviously another opportunity of for Open Media Concepts ( my web development company) to do a website for them. My 87 year old mother came to this performance.  It was special..she knows the DWF from college days when they were young and retired. Some 33 years later, she is still there to hear us play together once again.  The performance kicked.  If anything, all of us were concerned about blowing our wad on this one when the Saturday night performance loomed. Thanks to Eric and Tailgators…..great stage to play and we hope to return next year.

Saturday found us at Cooler Near The Lake.  Again, no website (OMC calls once again). We played here two years ago with spanking results. Tonight, it was also good.  Maybe not as good as we would have liked, but the crowds were great and receptive…and we ended up blowing out our play list and going for 4.25 hours… many originals were played this night. Also, one thing we normally do not do is improvise much, since we all live in different cities, we NEVER practice, rather, just depending upon our musical instincts to get us through. I really enjoyed the improvising on Locomotive Breath, Banshee (which kicked) and a late entrant as we were running out of songs, Sea Breeze! Marty and Dave did a phenomenal job in improvising during my opening (lasting about 3 minutes easily on a 3 minute song) as I gathered the lyrics in my mind. The response bewildered me….as if it was a well known song (written by me on the shores of Lake Michigan about 1.5 miles from the Cooler in 1973) .  Then Marty and Dave got going on Beatles tunes, because some of the folks in the back of the room really dug it….I hate the Beatles….but I had to lend my harmonies…..

Just a great night.  Not the best of our efforts music wise…. but it all added up to a pretty special evening. Look for reddgranite and the DWF to be in Vegas next July with the annual Cooler By The Lake Las Vegas trip.  Jody is a killer planner, and……and I think OMC needs to help her out next year with a website to coordinate and collect bookings…..and with any luck, the Dazzling Weasel Faces with Redd Granite will be playing Vegas next July…….


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