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I am on a mission from God. Yes. He spoke tome today as I was driving my normal Friday afternoon 110 journey. I drive this way every Friday of the working week. So the good Lord spoke directly to me, loud and clear, that I need to try every BBQ joint between the two journey points and find the best BBQ. Now I cannot not listen to God, how sacrilegious that would be. So I heeded His call and started today. The call was to

Now my BBQ tastes may not align with the experts, but suffice it to say, I believe my tastes would align with most of you. I am only testing and commenting on Brisket at these joints….so what I look for is a great smokey flavor, hickory or mesquite, one that leaves you not feeling you need BBQ sauce. The verification for a good smoke out is the 30 minute after belch, if you taste the smoke the second time over everything else you ate with it, including the sauce you likely put on it, you have a great smoke taste, (that keeps giving and giving). I like a slight marbeled Brisket. OK. It is not healthly, but if you are eating BBQ for health, you missed a turn along the way somewhere.  Best BBQ is a wide definition to most, but here is my first attempt….and oh, yeah, this is central and north Texas area, so my apologies for the regional discussions.  Again, maybe my Russian spamming friends may learn something new to go with their vodka. (Contact me directly using the contact form here, my Russian friends, I will send you recipes.  Spam that! The Brisket needs to be uber tender, where you can EASILY cut it with a fork. Of course, the smoke ring  must be there.

We tried a joint in Ennis, Texas today.  Bubbas (no website) is along I-45.  This place has been there for years, and I have always heard it was good. They have two levels of service, self for the BBQ line, and sit down to order.  Their menu does consist of more than the typical BBQ joint.  They add in several grilled fish offerings as well as steaks.  I have no idea who good or bad these are.  Unfortunately, Bubba fell real short.  The Brisket was very tough (although very lean for you health heads).  The taste was smokey, but in a strange sort of chemical way.  I could not put my finger on it, but it was a strange taste.  Quite unfortunately it turns out, the young lady who served me, who was the cashier who is not supposed to serve, but she saw noone was helping me so she did, ignored the weight scale that is normally used in these joints (always hated that, for you Russians, Brisket is a in expensive meat and BBQ is priced fairly high for casual dining), and she piled a load of Brisket on my plate. I felt compelled to eat it even though it was nasty.  The side were excellent, however, great potato salad with the right combo of mustard and perfectly cooked taters…..and very importantly, served at the right chilled temperature. The sauce was good. It was fairly standard tasting.  Of course, I slathered it on huge when realizing how poor the Brisket tastes.

Bottom line, $10.97 for Brisket plate and 2 sides, and a soda.  About normal.  Unfornately, Bubbas falls fall short to be considered in the best BBQ catagory.  I give it the boot, ah, that is 1 boot out of 10


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