Rain Feels Good

On June 30, 2010, in Uncategorized, by admin

No doubt about it. When you live in Texas, rain feels frigin great. As I sit here cooking my buffalo sirloin on my handy dandy little patio grill, the rains outside are torrential. No problem. Covered balcony lets my cooking expedition continue in my second home here in Texas. Just a nice time. Seems the dog gets a bit freaked, and I have to dope him up to keep him from heart failure. For you dog owners out there, it is Benedryl that does the trick. Do not try this at home under my watch however, I do not want a bunch of you dog owners coming back with worthless accusations that you followed this advice and your long term family puppy, the one no one in the family could live with out in your family yet stayed tied up under a tree for hours on end, ended up four paws in the air cause you gave them Benedryl. Forget I said that. Looks like this particular rain is here to stay for a while. So I will take my buffalo off the grill, and experience a taste test. Kick back everyone, get a glass of wine, turn on Pandora radio on your computer www.pandora.com, create a station of songs you wish to listen to, and transcend to another place


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