Happy Father’s Day

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On this Father’s Day, I woke up in a rather somber mood. I am acutely aware that Father’s Day does not have the Hallmark marketer’s successful importance placed on it as Mother’s Day, but, should it? Right, wrong, or indifferent, and no matter your political view, fact is, that men still are the main wage earners in many families. And, most of these are fathers. But in these difficult economical times, many are struggling to provide for their families due to job loss. Many are faced with daunting tasks to find equal employment. The economy is supposed to be picking up, and it is. But as they had predicted spot on as this recovery began, employment was going to be slow to recover this time around.

I look at my last year. This is what has me very reflective this year. Basically from last father’s day (or there abouts) I experienced: job loss, unemployment, the struggle to keep family insured (with medical challenges in the family), two additional jobs, underemployment, improved underemployment…..you get it, I am sure. It has been a tough year. The result of all of this is that I am still underemployed, although now a bit by my own design, in a job where my family is split up during the week. These have been very tough times. It has left me in a state that is very difficult to get enthused about anything. Do not get me wrong, I am thankful for many things. I am thankful to the company that employed me after a 4 month layoff, underemployed? Yes. But very thankful they gave me a chance, and that the underemployment at this company still basically paid the bills (however, the wife works and brings in significant $$). I am thankful for the current company as well that has let me improve my underemployment lay. I am thankful to my family for sticking by me through these difficult times.

I am in a somber mood today. I feel for all of those people struggling with this continued poor economic environment. Their struggles are not insignificant, and we should never assume this is the case. Be thoughtful this Father’s Day of those in this dire situation. Be kind today to Fathers. Encourage someone that maybe, just maybe, things will be better if you just hold on a little longer

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