Well, it is now official apparantly, the Big 12 is staying together. The Big 12 will now be a 10 team conference, preserving many long standing rivalries and traditions. Of course, following up the last post, it was, indeed, all about money. Seems the steps taken by some of its memebers bought enough time for commissioner Dan Beebe to get busy and renegotiate a TV contract, one that was not due to come up for two years. Hats off to him, he pulled it off, and now the great Big 12 whore University of Texas will get its own TV network, and the rest of the schools will share mega bucks. One can neer phathom what took place in back rooms, but, I think Texas was playing a bit of shell game here. They had to look real interested in the Pac 10, threatening, of course to gut the Big 12 south with it so Pac 10 could create a super league. But, it was the Pac 10 only, who had a new TV contract. That is what started this whole mess. Weaker Big 12 schools jumped quickly to preserve there standing somewhere.  This cut off other weaker links in the Big 12 from going anywhere, threatening a hard landing to nowhere. In fact, I like the leadership the weaker Big 12 schools showed.  Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Iowa State, and Baylor all quickly banded together to show support for Big 12 survival, even going so far as to hold their own meetings without Texas and the other Big 12 South schools. All the while, Beebe was rushing to get a new TV deal done.  And now that it is done, the Big 12 smell just got a lot sweeter for everyone remaining with the new deal.  It reportedly brings in between $17-20M per school, over twice as the previous deal. And, to make matters worse for the departing Nebraska and Colorado (don’t let the door hit your large Buffalo Ass on the way out), they must give up half of their revenues next year while they are working out their final seasons.  Of course, these will be split with the remaining schools.

I am extremely happy about the developments, and hats off to Beebe for pulling this off.  I had wondered where he was all this time, seemingly real silent as his conference literally fell apart on the runway.  Well, he was at work, and in order to pull this deal off for a new TV deal, HE HAD TO HAVE THE COMMITMENT OF TEXAS IN HIS BACK POCKET ALL ALONG….afterall, without Texas (UT) there is no TV deal or conference, for that matter….shell game?  You bet.  Using media to move negotiations along, you bet. Stroke of genious if your (UT) intention was to keep the Big 12 together all along, getting your own network and huge revenues out of it?  You bet.  And as is with all carefully negotiations, there is always risk you loose a few weeklings along the way, and risk even greater issues…..

What a wild two weeks with a stellar ending.  I will sit at my BU bball games now resting assured that solid recruiting can continue, and the programs can continue to elevate their status.  Now BU just needs to get its football act together….but that, my friends, is another story

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