For any of you that use Yahoo as your landing page, you are aware that the ‘trending now’ searches for the last week have included Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison and reality TV star, as they like to say. The reality TV star I could care less for, but as a musician and a guy who has recieved an A+ for branding himself, I applaud. Bret Michaels as had a recent tough go of, first for an emergency appendectemy, which derailed his tour with his personal band labeled under ‘Bret Michaels’, then as recovery set in, he is rushed to the hospital with headaches. The diagnosis was a brain hemorage that left him in critical condition. Bret Michaels must be some sort of survivor.  The news now comes out that he may resume his bands tour on May 26 if he does not have any major set backs. This, despite the fact, that the doctors have never pin pointed the actual location or cause of the hemorage.

Now Bret Michaels can conjure up many varied opinions based upon his personna, or as I call it ‘branding’. I for one, respect this guy.  I highly respect the fact he lives a full life, despite being a type I diabetic from childhold. Tough to deal with the blood sugar variations and stabbing yourself four times a day while keeping the schedule and branding that Bret Michaels does.

As the lead singer of Poison, this Michaels started his success full speed from the hair band days. But quite predictably, that music phased passed quickly with the advent of the Seattle driven, flannel shirt wearing era of grunge rock lead single handedly by the appearance of Nirvana. Gone quickly was Poison’s popularity along with the other bevy of hair bands that commanded the lions share of airplay.  It took Bret Michaels a while, waiting until the fans of the hair bands grew up, got overly responsible with matters of life, and missed the hair bands, touching off a resurrection reunion tours of hair bands that have been going on now for nearly 10 years. (I have seen Poison nearly yearly for the last 8 years). But the true branding of Bret Michaels leveraged this hair band life style into the bevy of reality based shows which has made him pretty much a house hold name. Again, great branding.

This was really a set back for Michaels.  But this is not anything that will hold him back. He enjoys touring with solo, and knows the value of touring with Poison, which as its own resurrected branding thanks to the cross marketing traffic that the Bret Michaels branding has resulted.

Here is hoping to no set backs in his recovery and resuming his tour may 26

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