Texas Motor Speedway Samsung 500

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Today I come to you from Texas Motor Speedway. A road post, if you will. I am trying to wait out the rain for the Samsung 500 NASCAR event. The journey started on the east side of Dallas, where it was relatively dry. Certainly no sun, and a threat of rain, but dry. It is about a 60 mile trip to the speedway as I circle far to the west of the speedway to avoid traffic. About 2/3 the way there, the weather deteriorated, and now I sit in my car, waiting the consistent drizzle to cease, figuring all the while my escape plan to not get stuck in the mud.

Truly, the upside to a nasty weekend as this, is that I got alot done while sitting in the car slowly devouring my supply of beer that made the trip with me. I made good progress to few projects. I have a decision to make, go in or go out. I am not the biggest of NASCAR fans. I am a local roots dirt racing sort of bubba. But, given good weather, the NASCAR events can be interesting. The parking lot tailgating is always top notch. The different tents and trailors selling and promoting items on the midway is always good. The people watching is good. The race? Usually fairly boring. A few of given up already. It is 22 minutes from scheduled race time, yet I know we are a long a way from starting as the track must be completely dry for the cars to go 190 mph door to door.

Several cars have become stuck. The attendence has to be significantly off from the normal 200,000 (at least in good econonmic times) this event normally draws. It is 57 degrees in April. This sucks. I think i will have another beer and go home.


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