Tea Party, Be Very Afraid

On April 16, 2010, in Politics, by admin

I am quite tired of hearing about the latest media blitz, the Tea Party. So let me just go ahead and write about it. Everywhere I turn, it seems in every outlet of news I receive, I am bombarded with stories covering Tea Party events and their cause. It’s not that some of their causes or agenda are not good, but it is just political viewpoints like most in this country have. What specifically is of concerns to me about this group, and at the risk of stereo typing them, which I truly do not, wish to, is their origins.

Again, agenda aside, my concern is that the Tea Party group has grown more out of America’s religious right. This is distressing as I am a strong believer of separation of church and state.  But if you look beyond their agenda, most of these are moral right wingers with a taste to judge others in their lifestyles.  The Tea Party would like nothing better than to have the entire country subscribing to their beliefs, that of the highly religious conservative right. It seems that this group wants their little perfect society where every thinks and acts the same and the little nastiness of the world are shoved under some carpet and put out of their minds.

Interestingly, for being such a religious bearing group where many of them embrace functional biblical teachings, the Tea Party is a group that surprisingly lacks sympathy for any person other than themselves.  They are just an extension of the “me” era. If policy affects them adversely, then be damned with it; forget the effect on the overall population and their needs. And interestingly, the average demographic of the Tea Party is one of higher standard of living than most, i.e., they can afford some modest negative impact for the greater good, yet, despite many of their stated beliefs, they merely look inward to themselves. They fear Socialism, yet many truly know what this term is, and truly, many of them have never left the borders of US to truly understand how other countries are run politically.

Look, I am not advocating huge government and taxes. I am certainly not sympathetic to free loaders in this society who could help themselves but refuse to. If I had my druthers, there would be no government. I do believe in the free market. I am not advocating Socialism.  But I also see that there are certain needs the citizens of this country have that the free market, in all of its short term thinking infinite wisdom, cannot address. And it is here where the necessary evil we call government must play a role. Most of the Tea Party folk could care less about this. And while I generally embrace the above principals that somewhat align to some of the Tea Party agenda, the fact is, there does come a time when a government must intervene.  Most of the Tea Party likely criticizes the recent government bailouts.  Most would criticize intervention in the banking industry.  While I am not a fan of any these as well, I believe the government had to act swiftly, and yes it cost money.  But it saved jobs as well. I agree with recent statements by fed chairman Bernake that government debt must be reigned in under control, but that he felt the bailouts were necessary.

No, it is not the agenda overall, as I think the agenda can have merits if looked across the diverse country that the US is. Its the higher calling of this group that bothers me. I am more concerned that this group is gaining force to aggressively push their conservative religious view points as well. I am not against religion.  But at the end of the day, I want the freedom to make my choices on how live, worship, and pay taxes, and I believe the Tea Party would like to steel that freedom from most of us through their religious controlling eyes.



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