Chelsea Handler Review

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Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a chick magnet. Thats right, a chick magnet. While most guys would go to this comedians show to see her, you may as well to go girl watch. It was a great Saturday night out with the family to see this comedian, host of her own nightly show on E Network, Chelsea Lately.  Our daughter actually got us into Handler’s humor and watching the show nearly nightly. The comedian draws her humor on an overall abrasiveness making fun of celebrities. The show has a round table that hosts mostly her employees and forced E Network show types (cross show marketing) to comment on the stories largely following her lead. When they bring the comedy tour out on the road, she usually brings at least one of , or several of her comedians with her to open the show.  Tonight, at the Verizon Theatre in GrandPrarie, Texas, was no different.  Tonight the opener was Brad Wallick, one of her house comedians.  For those of you who do watch the show, he is the curly haired red head who frequents the round table.  While he usually very funny on the round table, tonight, I was very disappointed in his opening act. He came out seemingly unprepared.  Even with a cheat sheet laid on the stool by his frequented water slugs, he continually asked how Dallas was doing…a sign someone knows not what to say or do next. The funniest part came from the audience when he made some comment about Texas women, and a young lady shouted out she was ‘tight’. There was one other amusing part of his act dealing marital sex…it was very funny.  But other than that, he seemed to have to depend upon the shock value of humor, (frequent sac-religious and nazi jokes) These can be funny as well, but his were not. A complete throw away performance, in my opinion.

Chelsea came out for a one hour set.  This is the second time I have seen her live in a year. The last was at the Palms in Las Vegas, where she just was not good.  Tonight was different, however. She was genuinely funny on top of her game. The humor is predictable if you watch her show.  This is OK. That is why I watch all the time.  Something about an good looking intelligent blonde with a potty mouth and an attitude that makes things very enjoyable. She did less picking on stupid celebrities than she did selecting humorous skits from her books.  She did dog a few celebs, but most of the time she spent talking of her childhood. Mostly about embarrassing moments, including a long piece on the discovery of masturbation as an eight year old with apparently everyone else in her family knowing what she was doing, and she not. She carried this one on for a good 10 minutes.  Too long, but most of it very funny. As with a lot of comedians like her, much of the humor comes from life experiences that may or may not have been to painful to address in memory, but make great launching pads for all of us to laugh at and with her. I liken her to a female TV version of a shock jock. She does her performances not with various subjects, rather much of it from her personal experience.  Couple this with a good presence and facial expressions to accent the comedy, you have a great night of comedy, if you dare take in the subject area.

The venue holds about 6,000.  Every seat was filled. The event was great marketing tool for Belevidere Vodka, which she recently pronounced as her vodka of choice.  Drinking vodka is very much part of her branding. When Grey Goose would not poney up sponsorship money, she switched her allegence to Belevidere, (before any sponsorship money), and after the switch, they quickly signed on.  Tonight, the event ended at 10p.  Of course for those of you who visit the concert reviews on this site, you know that this theatre’s (formerly Nokia Theatre in other reviews) corporate end time is 11p.  They used the extra hour to allow for book signings from Chelsea and company, and kept the bars open until 11.  Great move. This event easy had an average of $100 spend per person tonight, or an estimated $600,000 in revenue…pretty good for a comedy act.

And yes, my daughter did purchase a book, and got it signed by the group.  They were quick, but gracious.  I appreciate that for her.

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