Bon Jovi Concert Review, Dallas, Texas

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Bon Jovi came to Dallas area on April 10 for a two night stand, much to the delight of apparently a slew of females.  This show was announced late in 2009 likely to assure that the place would sell out and to plan accordingly to add another show the following night if ticket sales were good.  They must have been good as this was a tow night sold out show in the 18,000 seat American Airlines arena. Given the early announcement of the show, I took the opportunity to provide this as a Christmas gift for my wife. So the review follows.

This is a review not only of the concert, but also of the amenities offered as part of a VIP package. When I went to purchase tickets back in November, the close seats were not available. Not even reasonably close.  So I chose to dive in head first to purchase a VIP package that included a bunch of things necessarily I was not interested in, but, it assured to get into the front section by the stage which was only 5 total rows. There were three packages available, and we had the second highest which put us in the fourth row. Nice.  The package also included a catered dinner and open bar before the event, a separate entrance to get into the event, $150 if gift cards from the Bon Jovi store for each ticket, a autographed (no not personally, but copy) of a souvenir program, and a few other things I cannot remember.  Yes, this was very costly, all really to get into the front section. By the way, the highest package included front row seats with autographed chairs that you took home. Too much to carry for me.

Packages like this are rarely worth the amount you pay. Once there, and understanding where to go, things went well, and it was enjoyable.  However, I had to do a bunch of research to get the directions on this package (they never send tickets in advance to keep from resellers getting a hold of them). I purchased these through my Platinum Amex Card Concierge service. When no directions came in the mail from AEG live, the operator, I had to go back through Amex concierge to see if they could find anything out.  Hats off to them.  They followed through all the way to get reasonably good information even though they are not part of this event in any way. Once inside, and determined to get my money’s worth of open bar, I was pleasantly surprised to see this was a full bar with premium liquors.  Very good.  Bacardi and diets were on the bill.  The food was quite good.  I estimate about 50 people total were part of this package level. So it was very un-crowded, and we ate dinner overlooking the Mavericks practice bball court. When the concert was ready, they escorted you through the back woods of AA center.  I felt like a thief avoiding the cops. They delivered us right to our seats at the front of the stage.  It really was amazing this close in an arena so big. It was quite the site to look around the cavernous facility filled with hairdo….this crowd was about 60-70 percent female, all dressed to kill. In our area, it was more like 75% female. The guys in this area were all rumored to be pushed into “taking” their significant other to see Bon Jovi, but given the ratio, that philosophy is highly questionable.

Bon Jovi The Highway

Bon Jovi played a 24 song set lasting about 2.5 hours. Much as one would expect for someone who has toured for as long as he and Sambora have, the set was flawless and energetic. Interestingly, I considered the set pleasantly understated. There is not a lot of wild showmanship with this bunch.  No running around stage like shamans let loose from the ashes. I thought the set was straight up, emphasizing the music with great (obviously) response from the adoring crowd. They seemed to feed off of this well. Sambora is a good guitarist who has a decent mix of talent, drive, and personality to make him a very likeable side kick.  Not without an ego, however, all of his electric guitars are branded “Sambora” .  When the set turned acoustic, Bon Jovi played a G Series Takamine six string.  Sambora dawned a lovely, and likely custom made for him, Taylor six string and 12 string double neck, with Hawaiian Koa wood. Very pleasant indeed.  I love and use Taylor guitars, and these are absolutely cool, great sounding and great looking. Please do not ask me to remember highlights of songs, or song lists. This was a long concert.  What I do remember is that he played all of the hits, of course.  There were quite a few entries from newer CDs, which is different than most of the groups playing new music that is just not received by the audience.  The difference for Bon Jovi is that he still gets great air play on radio. This is largely due to his wide demographic customer base:  his music gets played on all the “mix” and most of the “hits” radio stations. Those two formats cover a large audience. So the newer music is well received as well. In what has become obligatory in major acts like this at larger venues, the Bon Jovi and Sambora act had the typical moment of walking a cat walk closer to the overall crowd.  This ended up being behind us, giving us a few photo ops with our iPhone. Bon Jovi’s presence is a gracious one, appreciative of the event and the fans, not too self endulging, and just the right amount of interaction verbally. No song particularly stood out. My personal favorite “Dead or Alive” was well played, but nothing special. The event had one encore, and like all events these days, ended at a corporate dictated 11:30 on the dime.

The female laced audience was more enthusiastic than most of the concerts I have been to, sans of course, the head banger pit experience.  Adoring females filled the place, and it certainly was not a bad place for the male minority to be in with all this out of control estrogen.  And of course, the pic to the left depicts all of the female thought process at this concert, this is my wife’s depiction of grabbing Bon Jovi’s ass…nice.


All in all, good time. The wife unit loved it. The package was way over priced, but I am glad I did this and experienced it all.  If you go see Bon Jovi, buy your tickets when they release, or you will end up like I did, spending a lot of money…



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