The World Has Gone To The Dogs

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Yes it has. We are overrun with dogs in our household. The latest comes from a pick up in the park. Apparently, someone dropped this girl in the park, it just stayed there under the picnic shelter, not knowing what to do. I came to this conclusion  because the dog is clearly, 1) well groomed, 2) not hungry, and 3) house trained. Never make a decision after you have been to good dinner with decent quantities of wine. Seeing this dog in the park earlier in the day trying to make friends with a family grilling outdoors there, we returned to the park after dinner to see if this dog was there. It was. It followed us 1/8 mile walk back to our car and promptly hopped in.


Yet Another Dog

So there you go. He is now with us for three weeks, the fourth dog in a household. Appropriately named D4, this lovely beast is un-adoptable as she is a pit bull mix. But she is a sweety. I welcome her, but, man, it is a lot of work, especially since our two young yellow lab/golden retriever mix litter mates are jealous and tend to pick on her some. So now we manage that. I guess it is the price you pay for being sympathetic to animals like these. People should be responsible with their pets, and surely, not dropped them off in a park thinking that, whatever issues they were dealing with by having a dog like this,  the issue just “goes away” by dropping her off in a park to fend for herself.  Some people should be dropped off in northern Canadian woods in the wintertime to “fend for themselves.”  Sometimes I hate people.

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