Texas Politics As Usual

On March 2, 2010, in Politics, by admin

God I love Texas politics. I love politics in general. We in Texas enjoy a rather unusual environment when compared to the rest of the country. No, I am not spouting the Lone Star crap that comes out of the Texas pride thing, I am talking about relative stability in economical terms, from housing to jobs.  We have our issues like anyone else. Hell, I have been out of a job recently (thats when I started all this internet crap), so it is not all guns and roses here either (well, maybe the guns, anyway). And we, like any other state, need things done here as well. There are many issues to address, yet all I hear from the political ads are bashing candidates one upping each other with half true ads about what the other has not done, or supported, or did support, or whatever. And interestingly, most of this bashing comes from within one party. Little attention seems to be paid on ads that really offer suggestions or answers for improvement. Little can really be determined about what a candidate will do when in office. Texas politics are no different that national politics…which leads one to wonder why anyone cares. Yes there are other movements, like the Tea Party. Ugh.  A bunch of Republicans looking for the perfect society where we all act and think alike.  I think I remember a society like that, where was it? Germany in the WWII era? No, they are not the answer either.

Unfortunately, I do not have a great answer. Until we start forcing politicians to truly work for us or be fired (hell, isn’t that what we all face in our day to day jobs), we will go on with this silliness resulting in a lot of nothingness.  Sometimes I think we would all be better off considering ourselves our own country and truly living free…..I just love Texas Politics


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