People Are Strange

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People Are Strange.  This is the title of a song from my beloved favorite group, The Doors.  Time and time again, I have referred back to the title of this song when observing the truly strange things people do. Yes, people are strange.  This is not how the song was intended to be interpreted from the writing, rather People Are Strange was written to describe a kind of isolation  that comes with being quite different. But I have been using it in a different context, since music is so much a part of my being, I sometimes refer to things in musical terms…and this is the case with People Are Strange.  I continuously am left with the bewilderment of the strange things people do therefore constantly referring to the song.

I feel compelled, as a result, to create a category on this page called People Are Strange. In this, we will post from time to time my observations of the strange things that I have observed people do.  Many should be quite humorous, others elicit other feelings based upon the stupidity and lack of sense that I see on a daily basis.  If any of you would like to join in on this little parade, you can contact me in the contacts form on this page to submit your story, and I will post…

Its not as if you have a lot of other things going on, afterall, you have arrived at this blog, so you must have time on your hands….

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