Old Age Is Hell

On March 10, 2010, in People Are Strange, by admin

I must admit, getting old is hell. I am really not that old, and certainly do not act very old, but I see the signs daily of aging. The surest sign closest to home when relating to this blog is the fact that I come up with many subjects, many I wish to really write about, and promptly forget them hours later when I come to sit down and create.  Some could call this writers block.  As a song composer, I certainly know what the feels like, as I expeirence it regularly.  I do not think I am talking of memory loss from old age here. Quite frankly, it is more like a lack of focus.  Granted, I am busy, like anyone else.  Yeah, I have a lot on my mind, like anyone else. No, it really is not memory loss at all. But focusing, I have found, comes more and more at a price as old age approaches. It seems we are more dediecated to whatever is presented on the screen before us. We regularly shut out conversations from loved ones, family, etc.  (maybe that is just the reward of a long marriage, in anyone’s definition!) Whatever it is, it is bothersome. I always prided myself on being a people person, one who has the ability to read people like no other, and react accordingly, mostly to my gain if that was the agenda. But lately, while I still read eople every bit as intently before, I do not react as i did before.  Apathy?  Maybe. Tired of people in general, maybe?  Old age? Hope not.

I thought this was just me, but as I use those remaining skills to read people, I have noticed that it seems to be fairly common among those of a bit more advanced age. Each day it seems I attempt to rededicate my attempts to do better in this catagory, and each day I fall into the same pattern.  Old age?  I really do not think so or hope this is not the case. So I will make my feeble attempts to outrace mother time.  I will still go to my concerts and stand in the pit with all the young people (who give me plenty of space…seems they think I am a nark, but we save this for another story), my attitude will not change from being inherently younger in approach than my age.

That still drives, me, and because I am so focused apparantly as a result of advancing age, I just cannot quite hear your voice of reason to convince me otherwise.  Ah yes, there are advantages……


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