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As I listen to all of the responses resulting from health care passage, it occurs to me that it seems a lot of people are really taking this thing personally. I definitely have my opinions on the subject, but I will not discuss here as that is not the intent of this post. But as I listen to all of the banter of the people who really did not want to see this come about, it seems they are a step beyond debate and into a more personal territory. From politicians shouting things in the house meetings (then later apologizing) to the wonderful Tea Party blokes protesting to the point of racial slander, it just leaves me flat out scratching my head the reactions. No matter where you stand on this debate, the fact is, this country passes laws and we abide by them. Part of what made this country great in the first place was a sense of unity despite the two party system. Now this system seems to stand for not only for impasse and non-action, but apparently gives the license to lash out in much more personal and non-professional, aggressive ways. I just think this is not good for our country overall.
Remember the state of the country after the 9/11 attacks, a true intense unity. While knew that would not last, I did not expect it to degrade into the state in which we are today. Voices of opposition are great. It is, in part, what defines us. But come on people, some of the comments I have observed in the media (which should shoulder much of the blame for these attitudes), as well as in my social circles and media are just plain mean spirited and hateful. I have greatly scaled back my Facebook monitoring and posts due to the aggressive comments there. I do not have the time or inclination to put up with this kind of attitude. And empathy, where has this gone? No one can think beyond their little corner of the world. And further, if you do not agree with their little corner of the world, you are levied as some sort of outcast.
Take a deep look America. The mirror is not so pretty. And instead of lashing out to everyone else, fix the cracks in your own mirror so you can get a better look at the real you.

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