Have You Filled Out Your Brackets Yet?

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Now with the NCAA tournament upon us, everywhere you turn you find contests with bracket predictions.  Have you filled your bracket out yet?  First, you must choose what contest you choose to participate.  Many require you to submit some level of personal information to sign up before you may participate. Great.  More junk mail on increasing my size, meds from Canada, whatever. I need a lot more junk mail in my inbox. Of course, if I am that interested in participating in a certain contest due the prize or some other attractive feature, I then sign up by using any number of disposable e-mails that I have set up on Yahoo mail, Gmail, or the like. I then participate worry free. Another approach is to participate in one of the  many contests tied to some community you are already a part of.  Trusted source, if you will. Mine is on the Baylor Fans Board .  This is a board that I rarely participate in anymore  because I found the most of the fans there were getting on my nerves, and in some cases, just plain aggressive.  (I have all but withdrawn from Facebook posts for the same reason). I get that aggravation at work, I do not need it at home.  But, despite my lack of everyday participating in posting, truth is, our Baylor teams are well represented in the tournament, and of course, the board made it really easy to participate.  The bracket was right there when I clicked on e-mail link.  The main issue was the fact you have to logically follow the brackets from your previous round of selections, a level of detail I rarely like to get into. But it was quick fun, and easy.  At the end they request you to log on, and it automatically submitted to the contest without having to go through the actual board.  Good going guys…hats off to you for creating a friendly site for Dopey to participate.  Without it this ease, I would have never participated in any of the NCAA bracket games….

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