Had The Wrong Drug

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Had The Wrong Drug

With the rather surprising news yesterday that Texas Rangers skipper Ron Washington admitted to cocaine use last summer launches the flurry of media attention like the vultures circling their wounded prey on the highway. North Texas was completely taken by surprise on this one. Most around here feel his performance as manager has improved, albeit, Mike Maddux receives more credit for the Rangers turn around, but overall, Washington has gone from someone barely keeping his job to relative stabilization for now.  Then the admission.

Well, I for one, have joked that he looks like a heroin addict. I would joke with family regularly on this fact. I had my suspicions behind Washington’s nice guy, and player friendly image.  OK.  I had the wrong drug.  But my suspicions turned out to be quite right. Now we grapple with his statement that it was a single use and one time failure of judgment.  Really?  Is it normal for a 57 year old holding a position of responsibility and in the public eye just wander into a situation where he is offered cocaine and chooses to use it for the first time? Really?  Most of us could not get this kind of a hookup unless we ran around in circles that regularly participated in this sort of activity. I would propose this is no different for Washington.  I am interested to know the setting where he decided to “experiment” with this dangerous drug.  It would seem that his actions were packed with intent, not just some random and momentary failure in judgment.

I do not look to fry the guy, or judge too harshly. I am supportive of the Rangers not reacting too abruptly and refusing his resignation offer.  The Rangers appear to be a forgiving organization as proven by taking a chance on Josh Hamilton and not folding his tent after his admitted weekend bender in Arizona a year ago. I support this. I support Washington as continuing as a manager even though I do not believe he is the best of managers. I would not want this kind of incident to evaluate his performance as a manager. But the suspicious side of me wonders if this truly was a onetime incident or something a bit larger.

Bottom line, as a Ranger fan, (well second to my beloved Cubbies) I hope this does not affect the promising season ahead.  And I too am willing to support Washington as well, but I must say, I am extremely suspicious of the “one time” story. Like I said, I had the wrong drug.


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