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On March 5, 2010, in Favorite Music, by admin

…to come out in a long time is Hinder. I know what your are thinking: there is nothing new about this group, they have been out for 4-5 years now through their two albums. I know and I understand. Maybe it is my comment on the music scene (for rock) over the last five years.  But I must say, I listen to their two cds constantly, have learned and perform my accoustical versions of several of their songs, and eagerly await the third album from them. Now they do have their issues, be assured.  Many of their songs come across quite homogeneous sounding as they definitely write with a formula.

Further, their second album, pictured here, is really a carbon copy of the first when it comes to song writing. Listen closely and you will see what I mean.  Two of the songs that received great airplay from the first CD, “Get Stoned” and “Lips Of An Angel” were basically repeated with “Use Me” and “Without You”.  Listen closely.  You do not have to be a song writer to see what I mean. But, that said, I do not care, still all great music and each cd is entirely listen-able filled with great songs.  Interestingly, I consider their lyrics quite well written given the fact that they are aimed squarely at the commercial market to maximize airplay. I know the first CD sold well over 3M, maybe more.  The second got off to a slow start, never had a “bullet”, but I think has sold well over the longer term due to consistent air play from rock stations and some pop station with “Without You”. This song was not the hit that its protege “Lips of An Angel” was, as I believe that made it to top 10, and as well, was covered by a country artist as well and made it to the top 10 of the country charts actually during the run up the charts for the Hinder version. This made for very interesting dynamics, covering two large markets with two different versions and artists….of course all royalties landing in the pocket of Hinder. This is one of the reasons I put this in my playlist.  Between the two, millions of people are familiar with the song, and I try to have songs on my list when  I join the Dazzling Weasel Faces on stage…to have some music that appeals to others than our target 40-50 year olds

Check out Hinder on the web as well. Again, not a new group, but the best that has come out in rock solidly over the last 5 years….you are now free to argue with me.

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