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On February 25, 2010, in Uncategorized, by admin

Now I know a lot of readers here care not about certain subjects posted, since I tend to vary among several subject areas that are of interest to me. Instead of doing a narrow focus on a certain subject with the intent to reach the search engines and other routines to bring traffic to this site (mostly for advertising purposes), I instead write about what is on my mind and not worry about all of that other stuff. Sure I would like you to click on Google ads, sure I would like you to purchase from affiliates listed below, but that is not the reason I write this, and that makes it better for readers as you get true content and thoughts, not something concocted for SEO, internet marketing and all that. 

But I do have to sell things at times, and this one happens to be one of my favorite domain names that I own.  It is for sale as I am trying to reduce inventory…it has great development potential, but I see no time to develop it. So have a look, if you know anyone who plays in this sandbox, let them know.  This is a domain that is on its second year, traffic is low, but can be developed with SEO:



The Party Domain Name

If you know of anyone interested on this, you can contact me through the new contacts page on this site.  I will get back quickly. I have several other names for sale as well.  OK. Back to the realy reason for this site….


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