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On February 4, 2010, in Other Interests, by admin

With all the continual stories coming out of Haiti following the tragedy there, comes an announcement that a group of prominent national musician acts are getting together to record (re-record) “We Are The World” to raise funds for Haitian relief efforts. Give me a break here. With all of the efforts to raise funds for this devastation, now we get a group of musicians banding together to record a very tired song to raise more money for Haiti? Seriously? How many times daily are we overrun with promotions and efforts to fund raise for Haiti? Let me explain.  I do firmly believe in giving to this cause. We should be focusing to help rebuild this country.  In fact, as I have pointed out in this blog previously, this is a prime opportunity to rebuild this country into something it was not before the quake. I have personal ties to this country as I visited regularly on business a few years back. So I believe in these donation efforts and believe the country can recover with our help. So do we really need a bunch of self-serving musicians to record a tired old song to raise more money for this effort?  Are there really a lack of channels out there to contribute for those who choose to do so?

No, I believe this is merely taking the opportunity to attach their name to something perceived as good.  A kind of self induced community service sentence that they are imposing on themselves to better their name in the marketplace. This may be a bit harsh, and I want to assure once again that I believe in the Haitian relief efforts. I just do not need this group of folks to help me do this. So I have a bit of a hard time to pay any attention to this effort, well intended as it may be by the organizers. We just need this. Maybe the musicians should get more directly involved by personally flying in much needed supplies (as is reported John Travolta did recently) or going to the country to assist directly in the aid efforts. I can buy into that.  That is the less comfortable path. But do not try to convince me that re-recording this song is a great vehicle for raising cash. It is a marketing ploy for name recognition, and that would be difficult to swallow.

Whether you accept the above premise or not, do give to the relief efforts in Haiti.  There are plenty of legitimate vehicles to do so, and can be as easy as sending a text from those fancy smart phones many of us have.

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