Top 10 Fogelberg Songs…Do We Care?

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Today’s post comes from Dave with my comments edited…he took it upon himself to list his top 10 list of Dan Fogelberg songs. The question I have for you out there is, do we care? While much can be argued about his work depending upon your musical background or tastes, I believe we should care. Some call his work a sappy collection of songs that at best, may be reflective of the era in which he was popular. I would agree to a great extent.  “Run For The Roses” is a prime example of this…and there are others.  However, there is a complexity to his works that go far beyond the songs that were the hits.  Dave even indicates this below in that his favorites largely were not the radio airplay songs. I chose one of his songs in my top 10 that we ran a while back.  One of his albums is in my top 10. It is somewhat paradoxical, because I dislike much of his stuff as well. But if you listen to most of the fine works on “Netherlands”, the music, the themes, and lyrical content are superb. So I decided to go ahead and publish this list below, as it largely does reflect the better of Dan Fogelberg…although I would add “Netherlands” and “Sketches” to the list below and remove “Part of the Plan”.  Of course, Fogelberg is no longer with us….passed a away a few years ago after battling cancer for several years.

Here is my Top 10 Dan Fogelberg Songs
1) Gambler
2) Part Of The Plan
3) Tulamore Dew/Phoenix
4) The Last Nail
5) The Reach
6) Netherlands
7) As The Raven Flies
8) Along The Road
9) Scarecrows Dream
10) The Innocent Age
Note that only one of those was a “hit” (I think). That would be # 2……

Thanks Dave

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