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On February 21, 2010, in Concert Reviews, by admin

One of these days I will actually click some pics at these concerts I go to. So Friday belonged to Dave Mason.  He was playing in the DFW, Texas, area at the Granada theater.  Mason is best known for his years in Traffic at a very young age.  He is also author of very recognizable songs…namely, “Feeling Allright” the Joe Cocker staple. I was not in to this concert much, rather, choosing to go to hang out with some good friends, since it had been awhile.  What I found was a quite a good time.

A local group, Tim Shuler and Monkey Beat opened.  Based on a lot of blues rifts, their music was driving and enjoyable.  They were known locally around here for doing covers, but alas, I did not recognize much more than straight up, good ole blues. Well, at one point, I was hearing a rift right out of the Doors “Roadhouse Blues” when they are singin “passionate lady, give up your charms” in the middle of the song.  Spot on copy of the rift…but did not care.  I like these guys.  Stong voice from the lead guy, although they were more blues rock jam than having to depend on any vocals. See them if you have a chance.

Dave Mason surprised me. Looming in his presence with a large frame and shining bald head…looking a  bit old, but man, when he opened his mouth, this dude had a voice.  I cling to good vocals, and he had them. The band was extremely tight, well orchestrated. This was a enjoyable concert.  He ran through a series of songs, most of which I did  not recognize. Then he included the few I did recognize.  No matter.  It was all enjoyable, listen able music.  A variety of guitars added to the show, as well as a black bassist who was clearly the electric personality to the rather dry but unpretentious Mason.  Glad I forced myself to go out for this one. Several beers did not hurt either.

The Granada is a venue that used to be a movie theater, one of those where you get served food with the movie.  They change many years ago to this smaller venue.  Always pleasurable to go there… there is the concerts, then the people watching on Greenville avenue, a sort of entertainment district in Dallas, much to the chagrin of local residents tired of having drunk people piss and have sex in their yards….never a dull time. I will mention on the venue, the lower floor used to be all GA.  Now it is mainly assigned seating.  Shitty. This is one of the reasons people like me come to venues like this, to get as close (or not) to the stage as I dare spear my way through.  To the management of the Granada, loose the floor seats….leave that for the balcony and the VIP….I will visit you more if you do.

Peace hippies

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