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I took a break from all of the Haiti earthquake coverage this weekend.  Please still support all of the efforts in Haiti for the victims of the earthquake. But today we speak of pilgamages. Every once I while, I feel the need to go back to Wisconsin to visit family. So braving the potential for disasterous weather, I flew up to Wisconsin for the weekend. It occurred to me that this place seems to be a slice of America in its truest form.  Not that Texas (where I reside) or other places are not, but it just seems this is the cross section of everything American. Much time is spent here hanging in the favorite watering hole catching up on old times or current events.  Never are you far away from a TV screen with the latest college sports playing.  You drink cheap up here compared to Dallas.  I was speaking to a cousin that I had lost touch with over the last several years. He resides in Atlanta, I in Dallas, and we both mentioned in stereo that the southern cities do not have the corner bars where everyone know everyone else. (No, I did not want to rip off “Cheers” soundbite).  It was definitely great to catch up with him. And as usual, and maybe I consider this as something as a result of our culture up here, even though we do not talk for years, we pick up as if it was yesterday.  The subjects are rich.  It is just a great time hanging and drinking a bit, forgetting about all the B.S. that is our world today.

Then there is the eating; great family owned restaurants serving ethnic dishes hard to reproduce in our more expensive Dallas restaurants. There is the terrific Wisconsin cheese.  I am instructed return packing cheese from Mars Cheese Castle (you can become a friend on the Facebook group). Average calorie intake per day, oh, give it a round 5K or so…..but we just do not care, this is the cornerstone of Wisconsin living. You will just have to work it off some other way.

There are the usual challenges of hanging with the family….and yes, at certain moment, I wanted to walk straight into Lake Michigan and become chum for the fish as certain subjects of discussion yielded opinionated and jaded results.  But overall, I will take my 10 extra pounds, pack my Wisconsin cheese in my luggage accompanied by great frozen gnocchi….to return home and back to the work week that looms like a dark cloud on memorial day. In the end, this whole environment here just seems to be the definition of ‘American’, and it feels great. No offense meant to the rest of the country!

I am also please to announce that redd granite will once again be appearing in Wisconsin this summer.  We will play at our favorite watering hole, Cooler Near The Lake.  A date will be secured soon and announced accordingly. And, as it will be, there is not a website for Cooler, seems I will be approaching Jody to develop one for her….the bar is a great place and she deserves a great audience.

Later, Mick


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