After that rather stunning and moving post on Haiti below, we are back to the top 10 music lists.  One note on Haiti….I take a personal interest not only for the safety of our family friend, but as well, I did business there for 2 years.  I helped sell all of the equipment that was still operational after the quake to let our personal family friend send this note (unfortunately, the telecom switches, while still operational, no longer work as the battery backup unit finally ran out of juice), but it may be some time before service can be back up.

Please consider donating toward relief efforts

Our top 10 groups today comes from Kelly, our bookee…uh, I did not say that!  Comments after the list,as well as in the body

MY lisit:
     1) The Beatles-what other group has had more and substaining impact on music than these 4,their music covered by more artists than any other, far more hits than misses Ugh
      2)  CREAM- great riffs from Ec, rock,  ballads, blues, what a power trio Good call, “In A White Room” Great song
      3)  SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE-energy, drive, a group that did what many could not bring racial diversity to music huh?
      4)   RARE  EARTH- great songs, doing some ofv Motown’s tunes with RnR energy drums, horns,always one of my favorites
      5)   THREE DOG NIGHT-one of the best hit groups of the 70’s -harmonies from Chuck , Danny and Corey wow Nice
      6) IRON BUTTERFLY-ok ok but for a great 60’s groove, and not just because of the 17 min. inagotadavida listen to ssome of the other stuff
      7) BEACH BOYS- just fun stuff from america’s beatles Another group that deserved not to be
      8) COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH-just for you Dave,  hey   they did have some hits
      9) BREAD- what song writting  and I do have the double cd greatest hits if you want to copy it Dave Seems all of us have this one in the list
     10) BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS- I just love those horns, vocals by David Claton Thomas, great power , rock and roll love songs  
 So again the ? begs why are always stopping at 10??  Because your boy Marty could not even come up with 10! Yours musically Kelly

My god, another Beatles top. My peeps must smoke crack…I HATE THE BEATLES.  There, I said it again.  Thanks Kelly for the list, now get your ass busy back to booking the Dazzling Weasel FacesYou are way below your quota and you will not get paid unless you get busy!


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