Anvil…HOB Dallas,1/26/10

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OK. Iwas trying to get lazy and let Robert write the review of the concert we attended Tuesday.  He checked out and put an article by one of the Dallas entertainment papers…so alas, I must write my own.  When I signed up for this concert, I had to ask, who is Anvil?  I think I heard of them, but not so sure. Come to find out, they were very familiar, probably because of their version of Spinal Tap movie. I went to this because a) it was on a Tuesday night and I did not think any BU b-ball was playing; I was wrong, they played no. 9 K-state and nearly beat them in Waco, and b) I had not done enough concerts and dying to hear some more.

These guys were pleasant. The lead guy, whatever his name is, was just a happy guy. Very different than say, Disturbed, where they scream their testosterone driven bullshit for 90 minutes.  I liked Anvil. A self proclaimed “hippie” on stage, they play a tight set with listenable rock. I even recognized a few songs.  Robert must be so proud about now. The guitarist and drummer are original, and the bassist, a throwback from the a KKK skin head. Good rock music.  They connected with the audience, stating they would be out after the show to sign autographs and hang with everyone. Near as I can tell, hey were good to their word as Robert and the boy met all the band members.  They were reported to be as sincere as they made themselves out to be.

Good times. The opening act was a local band named Mitra. Decent. A lot of blues power chords and screaming vocals.  They held their own, but in the end, I liked Anvil much better.


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