And now back to the top 10 favorites list. This one on the bands from Marty, but as you can see from his explanation below, he could not quite get there….so it is his top 6.  Take that! Search engines. Now I throttled him some back a bit as well, because last Saturday while conveniening at a wonderful night at Chuy’s, he asked if top 10 groups included individual performers…and I kept it at groups for now (Dan Fogelberg would surely have made a top 10 list if I included) However, we will do another top 10 on that one

1. The Beatles – Everything’s pretty much been said about these guys, but it keeps getting rehashed.  My only point to add is this:  I defy you to name me EVEN ONE other band that still gets regular air play, 40 years after the band broke up, of songs which were never even released as singles in the first place.


2. The Moody Blues – Still at it after over 40 years, and sounding better than ever.  You can count on them to have a heart-wrenching ballad or two on every album, usually composed by Justin Hayward, who has been re-working the lost-love and meaning-of-life themes since the mid 60’s.


3. The Beach Boys – known as America ’s Band (and rightfully so), one of the first bands to bring harmonics to rock and roll.  They came up with a lot of catchy tunes that remain extremely listenable to this day.


4. The Statler Brothers – down-home themes of love and home, characterized by awesome harmonies.  The world is a better place because they found each other.


5. The Mavericks – Not your father’s country and western band.  Very progressive, quite fun country music.  If you listen to their music, you get a feel of how highly skilled these guys are, and it’s obvious that they’re just toying with their instruments.  Also, lead singer Raul Malo sounds like Roy Orbison reincarnated.


6. Bread – I’ve always been a sucker for a good love ballad, and these guys put out some of the best.

Jay asked for 10 bands, but the fact is back in the 60’s I listened only to the Beatles, to the near total exclusion of all other bands.  I didn’t even buy the Moody Blues till 1979, or the Beach Boys till 1991.  (I believe I bought Bread in 1972.)  In later years I developed a much deeper appreciation of the music from that era, and indeed, I now own quite a collection of Greatest Hit type CD’s from many 60’s artists.
But for the most part, even if I like a collection of songs from a given band, it would probably be more accurate to say I liked the songs, rather than the groups that recorded them.  So I think it’s a more accurate list from me if I just cut it off here.
No rock for this boy!  And as for the Beatles, well, you know what I think.  Fine choice of Moody Blues.  And now Dave’s comments on Marty’s choices:
Interesting, and somewhat surprising.  My comments on:
1) You say goodbye, and I say Hello… this day and age when groups like The Stones, and the Moodys, and The Who (can they still count as a band with 2 of the 4 gone?) are still making music, and touring.   The Stones still churn out the occaisional hit….but people sometimes forget the Fab Four burst on the scene in, what 1964 and broke up in approx 1969. So it is even more amazing the impact they have had, and will continue to have, because of just a few short years.  The sum WAS greater than the parts, and the parts were awesome. 
2) Why do we never get an answer when we’re knocking at the door….Good stuff, under appreciated, kind of the first “mystical” band, but I never got the public’s fascination with Nights in White Satin….so many better songs…..great in concert…
3)We’ll be planning out a route, we’re gonna take real soon…..Incredible harmonies, great songwriter in Brian W, but, living in the Great White North as I did growing up, I could not grasp the “surfer” california lifestyle they promoted and sang almost every song about. Just couldnt appreciate it then or now–it didn’t resonate….
4) Playing solitare till dawn with a deck of 51… this one is the one that surpised me the most.  The group that did “Elvira”? Really? Really?
5)There are no lyrics posted on this one because there may be only 15 people in the world outside of the group that know any of their lyrics.   This one did not surprise me, because I knew of your obsession with the Mav’s.  You are indeed a strange creature, Marty…..but good on you!
6) If a man could be two places at one time….(I’d be in Vegas, but that’s another story)… I thought this was a classic choice.  I have kicked myself for leaving them off my own list.  How many groups have been able to put out two greatest hits albums? And not a bad song on either of them….”Back in the day” it was the one album that EVERY highschool and college age girl (and most of the guys) had in their rooms. Ah, good times, good stuff……
I was surprised you stopped at 6 (What, the Doors didnt make your list? The Mothers of Invention?  Canned Heat? Country Joe McDonald and The Fish? Blue Cheer? The Archies? )
Anyway, some interesting choices there, Martin, thanks for sharing….

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