Take a break from the Top 10 lists today to provide a review of the latest concert, last Thursday, 3 December, at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas.  Teh lineup was “Alt Rock” bands, which means likely a guy my age should not be in the pit at this event. Screw them.  I am there and will be  for the foreseeable future. The line up consisted of Dead Before Sunrise, Flyleaf, Papa Roach, and headliner Breaking Benjamin. 

I ahve review this facility in other posts, and will not repeat here.  Just scroll down to other posts if you are curious of the venue.  Just know that a reported 4500 was at this event, I think the place will hold around 6,000. The audience was mostly in their early 20’s, and very enthusiastic for a cold December night. This concert was part of a local radio station promotion for Christmas concert.  Love the number of strip clubs advertised for a “Christmas” concert event.

Dead By Sunrise.  Never hear of them before.  Got in about a third of the way through their set.  I was very impressed, and will be checking out some of their tunes here in the near future on iTunes.  They were a melodic alt rock band with good driving, yet controlled music.  Decent stage presence, I was just impressed with most of the songs I heard.  Would definitely pick up a CD from these guys. Without knowing them really, not sure if any of their songs were known by the audience, it seemed they had consistent acceptance from a audience that was largely filing into the venue during their performance.  OK. Update….it all falls together now…now I realize why I liked them so much, and the familiarity.  As I go to chase a link to out here, I realize this is Chester Bennington solo band, Chester the great voice lead singer of Linkin Park.  Check them out here. Carl, please note…. www.myspace.com/deadbysunrise

Flyleaf.  I always get a kick out of seeing this group.  I like them alot. They are from Texas (all members but the lead vocalist from Belton, Texas, and lead vocalist is from Arlington).  They put on a great engeretic show, great music. Also, these guys are a blatanly Christian group, and they are not shy about this in their performances.  It always is very entertaining to look around to all the stoners, betting into the music, without a clue of the groups content.  Check them out.      www.flyleafmusic.com

Papa Roach.  This is the 6th time seeing these guys, and I must say, it is consistent all along.  Now in the early days, lead singer Jacoby used to bang his mike on his forehead until it bled, but he does not do that anymore. (Probably comes from cleaning up the drugs a bit) That antic was likely something they thought they needed to do go separate themselves, and with the normal IQ of a rock concert go’er, that probabaly resenanates much like caged all out fighting seems to for a certain audience. Now they have many CDs and have no lack of airplay. I enjoy these guys. The lead singer came out into the audience, a staple of their performance.  They are pure energy, and in this, it can even get a bit dull at is so consistent. The main guitarist of this group is very, very good.  I have been impressed with his work from the first time I saw them when they had only one hit. Just check out the pics on landing page of website, and it says it all.      www.paparoach.com

Breaking Benjamin.  Third time to see these guys.  I have always been impressed by their rather non rock music stage presence.  This group looks like a bunch of co9llege roomates who got together to form a band to avoid studying (sounds a bit familiar). They hold court well as a headliner, and in this role, they were the most tight muscially of all the groups. The lead singer is rather looming in his presence, standing an apparant 6’4″.  Great voice. He is also impressive in that he plays guitar on every song, and he and the main cuitarist exchange complexities of arrangements on each song. Difficult to do this as a lead singer and keep the great presence on stage. They have one of the best written rock songs of several years, “Breath”, and live, it sound every bit as good and impressive as the cd. (Alot of critics do not like this, but I do). Audience reaction to B.B. dwindled a bit after P.R., and B.B. even admitted follwing them is tough….but that is just for the nutty crowd.  Musically, they have nothing to hide, and they know it. For different reasons of the aforementioned, I like these guys as well.    www.breakingbenjamin.com

Probably will be off of the concert tour for a while as the busy holiday season rolls in.  If anyone takes in a concert and wants to post a review, just comment here, or email me at jay@reddganite.com


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