Another e-mail input here…Mark is long time friend dating back to the dark ages at BU.  Thanks for coming up last Saturday, Mark…great to have you.  As you can see, Mark is a man of few words in e-mails.  So I posted his top 10, adding the group names, where I know them.

won’t get fooled again  The Who
behind blue eyes    The Who
take it easy   Eagles
honky tonk women   Rolling Stones
black dog   Led Zepplin
stairway to heaven  Led Zepplin  (just could not go with this one, too easy)
shoot to thrill  AC/DC
sweet child ‘o mine     Guns and Roses  (still remember driving to the beach in ’87 with this blaring on radio)
photograph  Def Leppard
another think coming  Judist Priest
honorable mention:
fortunate son  Not sure here
lucky man(elp)..elp stands for Emerson, Lake and Palmer
story in your eyes   Moody Blues
eagle and the hawk (marty, don’t drop dead here!)   John Denver?  Even Marty had no John Denver
hot smoke and sassafras   No Clue
pinball wizard.  The Who
Obviously bent to rock set, and really, Mark was very responsible for launching my 80’s hair bands…he was the one who introduced me to the great Dokken…among others.  Mark and I were always the hard rockers of the group.
Interesting, there are now three different votes for “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the Who…and I swear none of coordinated these lists.
Good goin Mark, thanks for the…and if any of you outside our circle looking in care to mail your top 10 posts (as opposed to leaving them in comments section which is always an option, you can e-mail me at
thanks all
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