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2009 December

Rainy NYE. Don Carlos in Waco

On December 31, 2009, in Uncategorized, by admin

Taking a few minutes before heading out to hit the road for NYE festivities at Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant, I 35 South in Waco, Texas. Will join the Dazzling Weasel Faces www.dazzlingweaselfaces.com for a long night of sets and music and laughter. Any of you local peeps to Waco, come on out, we will  have you up in front of a microphone singing “Having My Baby” or some other whacked music. Anything for a quick laugh. Again, I will bring my sets….we will only have the Tak 12’er with me tonight.  Just feel like being laid back, so the full  array of guitars will not make the trip with me tonight. We play from 8-12 tonight….but my guess there is no way we knock off at 12, who is the stoner who set that schedule up? Again, we will have a few new things tonight, and I will mingle with the local peeps in the crowd tonight as well….forgot the  beads, anyone have beads?

You May Have Noticed…

On December 30, 2009, in Other Interests, by admin

…the Follow Me button on the right of the website. This, of course, is tied to Twitter, the one of the social web programs available that has gotten wide popularity. If you punch this, will you see it come up as “iamjimmorrison” as the account to follow. I use this sound bite in my apparant mulitple personalities. Of course, no surprise to the reader who participated in the Top10 favorite songs list. Any future top 10 favorite songs or other lists will likely be dominated by The Doors. So no surprise….but the real discussion here is social networking. This twitter account is not really used.  I do not put updates on it despite the call from my domain/web comrades (something which I am still learning) who use Twitter, Facebook and others to build traffic. A couple of things here…..1) There are only so many updates one can do during a day if you have a real job, and 2) I am perplexed and very careful not to try to use friends as a means to sell something, which, is what most of what my comrades do.  Yes, I have ads on this site. Yes, I would love for those to partake if they see something of interest or need, as it helps defray costs of a format like this blog which I choose to do instead of Facebook so our collective music can be available to those interested. (Still hope to add a lot more).  But I do not want to be in the position to spam friend network.  These sites take a shitload to maintain.  Yes, I am trying to build traffic to this site (this is what the related links under posts is all about), and yes, I am interested in continuing my learning in this industry for income streams, this site being one of my early entries. But bottom line, this site is for personal use.  I do many known and calculated errors on this site for SEO purposes and building traffic because I use this forum for my personal blog and interests. By definition, it will never be one that has so much traffic driven to it for commercial purposes. There are others for this purpose, others, that are not blogs that hit my social network, but mini-sites with landing pages designed for commercial.  There will be more from me as well, as I own a few names that would be decent for this purpose. www.moneyspank.com is one of my sites for the above purposes.  (yes, the name is a bit grotequesly catchy, isn’t it!). I amy even try a few names for comment in this forum before I develop.  Becuase, this is one of my interests as well as music. Other sites include South Padres Lodging . This was my first and developed by hand and, it shows. And of course, some of you know I have a consulting practice with a good friend and the technically competent person who helps me with this mess.  Kurt developed our site Penland Corner Consultants, and it is really cool….a practice that is slowly beginning. 

Bottom line of all this rambling, I have backed off of Facebook, do not really do Twitter (over 50 follow me without any updates….all it is tied to someone selling something), interests like these keep me out of trouble, maybe earn a little $$ (very little as of now),  and certainly provide an outlet for discussion. Now back to the music after the New Years

Do not forget, Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant NYE. Be there

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Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Found Dead

On December 29, 2009, in Uncategorized, by admin

Ok. My reddgranite peeps. Most of you are not across this group as it truly caters my hard rock side which few of you share.  But from multiple news sources today, it is reported that Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan was found dead in  his Orange County home today, dead of apparent natural causes.  Very little information was available, the band posted a very brief statement on their website www.avengedsevenfold.com confirming his passing and requesting respect for his family. He was 28. It will be interesting to see what they autopsy reveals.  This group is known for a lifestyle of debauchery, a reputation in which they were trying to overcome. In fact, this is a paradoxical set of guys; in spite of their life style, many of their songs have deeply religious themes.  Songs such as “Afterlife”, “City of Evil” and many others have religious under tones that mainly detail the struggle of good and evil, or one’s true connection to God. Interesting group, in my book, and one who’s music I love. I have referred to them as kind of a modern day hard rock version of Kansas…a group who’s music uses many influences and instruments, from thrashing, gravel voiced, speed hard rock to songs that are laced with strings, somewhat melodic; all the way to the extreme of melodic and downright country sounding. Their last single, “Dear God” could easily been confused as a country song. No doubt, as they claim to take in many musical influences, including the music of Toby Keith; when searching for new directions. Again, interesting sort of group. I have seen them twice in concert, both times with very good reviews and  performances with great crowd response.

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold

As of late, they have been off of the touring schedule, initially due to the lead singer’s voice needing serious rest, and of late, to work on their fifth studio album which is partially finished at this point. It has been over two years since their last release, and fans are eager for another album, which will surely now be delayed. Their last self title album went gold, selling over 500,000 copies. Not bad in today’s world of musical downloads. Their most popular song of their catalog comes from 2006’s “City of Evil” album with the wildly popular “Bat Country” , a song about the  late Hunter S. Thompson. The band started in 1999 in Orange County playing clubs. They were barely out of high school.

So, in honor of the drummer’s death, I feel compelled to add “Dear God” to my New Years Eve play list. Do not worry, it will sound like my best shot at a country song, not a rock song, afterall, we are just accoustic players, but do remember, I hate country music. But I love this song, so it will all be good.


I will be joining the Dazzling Weasel Faces www.dazzlingweaselfaces.com at Don Carlos Mexican restaurant, 4651 Interstate 35 South, Waco, Texas. This will be a show on New Year Eve, Thursday, December 31 from 8-12p. Yeah, like right, as if we will knock off at 12 on NYE.  Check out Don Carlos at http://www.doncarlosrestaurants.com. We will be in the mood to cut loose, and given the amount of time for this show, I will likely have an extended set to play from so Marty can rest…..he will need it, far past his bed time! With this set, we will perform more than the usual original music from redd and DWF, and we look forward to play them.

We look to see you there.  Even if you have a party elsewhere that evening, begin the evening with us.  Good food and drinks with our performance to warm you up for the New Year Festivities.  See you there.

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Its Snowing In North Texas

On December 24, 2009, in Travel, by admin

As you have undoubtly read elsewhere here in  this forum, I am from the north.  Snow is a regular occurance. Today, on Christmas eve, we see snow coming soen at a fairly torrid pace.  I love the reaction.  Things close, people react, they do not work, instead, watching the flakes outside the window as if this is some manna from heaven. I sit here at work today.  The place has emptied leaving only the clicks of the automatic shut off on the lights clicking off one by one as each office has been vacant for the required 10 minutes.

I guess this is all good in the end.  Driving on this bothers me not.  It is probably very fortunate the fam. did not go up to Wisconsin as we had originally planned. The weather up there is horrible right now.  Cancelled due to no time off on this new gig, so we are home, the three of us, to enjoy a Mexican food feast for Christmas dinner and take in a few movies.  The reviews may end up here as this is quickly turning from a pure music site to personal blog. But there you go.

Well, it is off to drive home in  the weather.  Afterall, it is winter. It should be entertaining watching all of the inexperienced Texans negotate to road conditions. It is pure entertainment from the front row

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And Now For Something Completely Different…Vegas

On December 23, 2009, in Travel, by admin

So a quick note after returning from Las Vegas for a three day weekend to watch my beloved Baylor Lady Bears play in a tournament in Las Vegas.  OK, maybe this was just an excuse to get away for three days, but I always enjoy watching my Baylor Lady Bears play in any venue, but this one excels. This is at a venue we have never heard of, so we start out to to find the venue . It is a casino resort far south of the strip, South Point Resort and Casino.  A quick Google on the iPhone and we are good. The venue had a make shift basketball floor laid into what was an arena that was used for a regular rodeo. Yes, there was a slight manure smell. The discovery increased significantly when we realized that with a bar hovering over the court, well supplied with Belevidere, and the ability to take the drinks courtside, we had an opportunity that will never be afforded at a basketball game at Baylor University. God Bless Las Vegas. Two games later and two wins for the Baylor Lady Bears, and it is off to Las Vegas proper.

The usual haunts include a stop at Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse in the Golden Nugget downtown.  The Nugget is where we were staying.  Vic and Anthony’s is a superb experience on every visit, this one no exception.  It is greatness, especially when considering this is a Landry’s Resturaunt brand (Landry’s owns the Golden Nugget) with another location in Houston. The food train also visited In n Out Burger, a West Coast phenomina, a stop to Del Taco, another West Coast fast food chain that was very good, and of course, our favorite local and inexpensive pair of resturaunts in the same shopping center, Thai Spice and Pasta Mia.  If you ever get to Las Vegas, these two are a must. Very inexpensive and some of the best food you will find anywhere.  Every visit, it seems that the owner of Thai Spice jokes about me opening a locatin in Dallas, and I would be very tempted in another life. Both of these are on Flamingo Road, right beyond the Palms in a rather seedy shopping center.  But you will not be disappointed in trying them.

We also visited a few new casino resorts as well.  After the Baylor Lady Bears’ close win against ASU, we went to the M Resort and Casino. Signifinatly south of the strip on Las Vegas Blvd., this beautiful property stands alone with little around it.  And that is its main issue, you must drive everywhere for your entertainment not offered in the resort.  Good looking resturaunts, and a beautiful, beautiful pool area coupled with cool new wave designs made this property enticing. We look to stay there some time.  The other we visited was Aria, in the much discussed and high cost City Center.  This is a high end property.  Dark but hip design, technology crawling about, this place is interesting, but not certain it will be worth the price. I look it up on the plane home (yes, my AA flight had internet, and there was much rejoicing, yeah) and it looks to average around $260/night. They aim to please for this amount. The rooms are all electronic with memory. You program your climate, you program the curtains to open and close, you program your programs on TV, all state of the art electronics. And, when you leave, the reservation system remembers all of these settings and automatically sets the room for your next visit. Interesting. Great bars at the Aria, although, things were a bit rough since it was their fourth day open.  We had to go through three specialty drink orders before they found one on their own menu they could serve.  Swing and a miss. Some decent looking resturaunts, not sure if they were open yet.

This week in Vegas is the weekend for those who do not like people.  Very light in visitors. But that represents opportunity for lower costs and deals.

Back to the Baylor Lady Bears….they did not play very well. They barely squeeked by an ASU team that I am convinced will be in the sweet sixteen. We congratulated the coach in the hall for bringing it….and this was good for reasons I shall not go into. The refs sucked bad.  I violated my goal this year of being mellow. A little Polish Clear did not hurt either.  So I had to let them know they really needed to referee Middle School.  I kept it clean in spite of my anger….and I am glad.  So are Rick May and Lori Fogelmann, the Baylor Lady Bears broadcast team who were broadcasting just 15 feet away, and I did not realize it until after the game. Sorry Rick and Lori, my bad….but the refs really did suck.

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And The Last Top 10

On December 19, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

…before we move to another catagory…will be another top 10. But this time groups, in order. Getting tougher.

 But first Marty from www.dazzlingweaselfaces.com list.  I had lost it and Dave replaced, and, Marty knows how to write formatted mails, unlike some other folks we know.

  Always been a softie, always will be.  Not ashamed of it, either.   Here’s what I sent to Jay:    
  Top 10 Favorite Songs – Marty Floyd   Jay has asked for my top 10 favorite songs, so here goes.  I’ve always been a sucker for harmonies, beautiful love ballads, and the Beatles, so this list will be heavily weighted accordingly.  Also, the more I thought about it, the more there were some I just couldn’t leave off of my favorites list, so there are more than 10.  

1.  If You Could Read My Mind (written and recorded by Gordon Lightfoot) – I’ve always been a sucker for folk music harmonies and beautiful love ballads.  This one has great lyrics and absolutely perfect production.  I loved it the first time I heard it as a 16-year-old in 1971, and ever since then I’ve loved it more and more every time I’ve ever heard it.

  2.  For My Lady (written by Ray Thomas and recorded with his band, The Moody Blues) – I’ve also always loved the ocean, and this is an incredibly beautiful song which combines a love song with seafaring imagery.  The recording utilizes a concertino and makes you feel like you’re on an old sailing ship bounding over the waves out on the high seas.  The live version from Red Rocks, Colorado (1992) is awesome for the orchestral background, even if composer / singer Ray Thomas did mess up the lyrics.  

3.  Superstar (written by Leon Russell, recorded by The Carpenters) – this song was enhanced to perfection by Karen Carpenter’s voice.  It doesn’t matter what type of music you prefer; the warmth and richness of Karen’s voice puts her up there with any woman who ever sang a note on the planet.  I don’t know whether the following is true, but I’ve read that the version that was commercially released by them was the first time she ever sang it.   The rest (no particular order):  

I’ll Be Back (written by Lennon/McCartney, recorded by The Beatles) – Lennon said this is a rip-off of a Del Shannon song (although he didn’t particularly name the particular song, I’d have to say he was referring to “Runaway,” based on the chord progression).  He also said once that this was an early favorite of his, which I’ve always found to be personally gratifying, since it’s always been one of my favorites.  The double-tracked harmony absolutely fascinated me when I was younger, and I still consider it to be a great recording.  

 I’ll Follow the Sun (written by Lennon/McCartney, recorded by The Beatles) – This one is a deceptively simple song, yet rather sophisticated in its structure (particularly the use of the 7th off of the 4-chord in the melody).  The early Beatles’ harmonies were as good as any ever recorded.  The blend of Lennon’s and McCartney’s voices from their early recordings has never grown old, as least not to my ears.  I’ve come to believe producer George Martin probably never got enough credit for the Beatles’ early sounds.  Many of their early recordings have a qualitative difference that in retrospect is conspicuously absent from most contemporary recordings of  the day; yet not long after the Beatles hit it big, recordings of numerous other bands (the Hollies come to mind) began to emulate the style.  

I Feel Fine (written by Lennon/McCartney, recorded by The Beatles) – for my money, one of the greatest feel-good rock-and-roll songs ever, despite the fact that they finished writing it in the studio because they needed another filler song (it went to #1 on the charts).  It’s also one of the first songs to use feedback on the recording.  Finally, when my daughter was a little girl, I used to dance with her to this recording.  

And I Love Her (written by Lennon/McCartney, recorded by The Beatles) – still the prettiest thing McCartney ever did, and one of the prettiest that ever came down the line, by anybody.   Cherish (written by Terry Kirkmen, recorded by The Association) – Along with the Beatles “And I Love Her” and Climax’ “Precious and Few,” this is one of the prettiest songs that ever came down the line.  

Precious and Few (recorded by Wilt Nims, recorded by Climax) – Along with The Beatles “And I Love Her” and The Association’s “Cherish,” this is one of the prettiest songs that ever came down the line.   Only the Heart May Know (written and recorded by Dan Fogelberg) – this is from my favorite album of all time, “The Innocent Age.”  It’s a typical Fogelberg ode to the lost innocence of youth, which was pretty much the theme of this entire album.  Emmylou Harris sang harmony with him.  

 Forever Autumn (written by Jeff Wayne, Gary Osborne and Paul Vigrass, recorded by Justin Hayward) – This is a relatively obscure song, although I believe Justin (better known as lead singer on much of the Moody Blues material) released it as a single in the late 70’s.  The lyrics and melody for this song are absolutely haunting.  Justin has said it’s one of his favorites to perform, and although he frequently does it in his solo performances, but it’s not been included in the Moody Blues play lists during the times that I’ve seen them live.  In my opinion, Justin Hayward has the most soulful voice in popular music today.  

Oh, Pretty Woman (written by Bill Dees and Roy Orbison, recorded by Roy Orbison) – Reportedly inspired when Orbison’s wife interrupted Dees and Orbison as they were trying to write a song, and when she asked for some cash, they replied, “A pretty woman like you doesn’t need money!”  It is, quite simply, the greatest feel-good rock-and-roll song of all time.  After 45 years, it still hasn’t grown old.  At all.  

Don’t Worry Baby (written by Roger Christian and Brian Wilson, recorded by the Beach Boys) – another great feel-good rock-and-roll song, with the Beach Boys’ inimitable harmonies.  It is Brian’s clone of “Be My Baby,” which is his favorite song, and would likely be on this list, except it’s a little before my time.  

Ryhthm Of The Rain (written by John Claude Gummoe, performed by the Cascades) – my favorite pre-Beatles rock-and-roll song, and of the few from the era which has what I would consider to be of the same high-quality recording style as much of the early Beatles material.  

Unchained Melody (written by Alex North and Hy Zaret, recorded by the Righteous Brothers, among many others) – This is simply the most intensely beautifully rock-and-roll ballad of all time.  As I did research to make my selections for this list, I learned that the song was first used in an obscure prison film (1955) called “Unchained.”  It was been recorded over 500 times, but the best known and definitive version was done in 1965 by the Righteous Brothers.  

   There’s a WHOLE bunch more that I could have put on a favorites list, but I’ll stop for now.

Thanks Marty.  Impressive, you are the only guy to list the writers….

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One More Top 10 List Before We Move On

On December 18, 2009, in Uncategorized, by admin

and this will be posted when Dave gets his happy ass in gear and sends me Marty’s list, which of course was sent directly which I promptly lost


Back To The Top 10 – A Late Entrant

On December 17, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

So we needed to bring this list in for John.  Inspite of his jaded love of The Pack, which lessens all that is his life, I have to say, an interesting list of top 10.  Being a college student, he brings in a different perspective. But notice, a lot of his favorites were older than him….well, here it is.  now if I could only get him and his old man to figure out how to use MS Word so I do not have to decipher e-mail chaos…as you can see from below in the arrangement.

 1. Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) – No explanation needed

2. Let It Be (The Beatles) – can’t have a top ten without the 4

 3. Feeling This (Blink182) – Probably would be my number one album if this was a top 10 list of
 4. Stolen (Dashboard Confessional) – Total girls song, but I like it anyways
 5. Hotel California (Eagles) – Best lyrical song of all time

 6. Everlong (Foo Fighters) – Had trouble narrowing down a Foo Fighter song, but i know i
    needed to have 1

 7. Sweet Child of Mine (Guns N’ Roses) – can’t argue with
     the opening rift

 8. Secret Crowds (Angels and Airwaves) –

 9. Don’t Stop Believing (Journey) – it’s the National Anthem

10. Simple Man (Lynard Skynard)
11. Schism (Tool)

12. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) – Muppets did it better.
13. Under the Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

14. Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty)
15. Pinball Wizard (The Who)

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And Now The Answers….

On December 13, 2009, in Favorite Music, Uncategorized, by admin

Ooh Child – Spiral Staircase. This was on Dave’s Top 10

Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes – Edison Lighthouse. No idea what happened to them .

Vehicle Baby – Ides of March.  Who could avoid hearing this song in the late 60’s?  It played everywhere.

Incense and Peppermints – Strawberry Alarm Clock.  One of my personal one hit wonder favorites.  The late 60’s and the chaos of the era greatly influenced my upbringing in my puritanical family.

Snoopy vs. The  Red Baron – Royal Guardsman. The first song on the radio my parents let me listen, and boy, did that open the komona.

Precious and Few – Sonny Garachi.  Last I heard he was a salesman in Cleveland.  I joke not.

Don’t Give Up On Me Baby – David Soul, of Starksy and Hutch fame.  (early 70’s TV show for you youngans)

C’mon Eileen – Dexter’s Midnight Riders. Catchy tune. Or was it Runners?

Always Something There To Remind Me – Naked Eyes. MTV, when they actually played videos in the 80’s created alot of these groups and one hit wonders….a huge supply of these

Broken Wings – Mister, Mister. Technically not a one hit wonder. Created by the same MTV above, they actually had several follow up CDs, just never got airplay again.

In The Year 2525 – Zager and Evans.  Robert in his comment below says they are from Lincoln Neb.  I did not know that

Don’t Pull Your Love Out On My Baby – Hamilton, Frank and Reynolds. These guys actually wrote a slew of hits for other artists in the late 60’s early 70;s

There you go.

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