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On November 21, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

But I did have a rather unique thing with this website and posts today. The Google ads that appear on this screen(s) queue from the content in the website. So, since yesterday’s post listed When The Musics Over from the Doors as one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time, naturally, Google picked up on that and I have ads related to the Doors.  One  caught my interest, and I clicked on it (oops, publishers not supposed to do this…but I did, so there) had a title of Daryl Hall (formerly of Hall and Oates) with the Dorrs Ray Manzarak and Robby Krieger. 

The resulting click took me to this website you clan click through here or through the Google ad if it shows again after this post (since Google will reset based upon content here. What a great website this is. It is a music jam site where Daryl Hall invites musicians of all kinds into his California home to jam.  In this case, it was with the aforementioned Doors guys. The third Door, John Densmore was not present, as is the case with many of The Doors events as he seems to believe the toher two are living off the legacy of Morrison and are too commercial.  He may be right, with the tours with guest singers (Scott Stapp of Creed and Ian Astbury of The Cult).  But I found this to be interesting. They do a combination of original music for the groups in question as well as a few Hall and Oates songs.  Highly producted and this is one of 20 or so “episodes” that were on the website.  Professionally done, interesting, with a variety of musicians reflecting tastes across the board.  Check it out.

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