Top 10 Continued?

On November 17, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

Naw, I let the night get away from me again.  Had to listen to Lady Bear basketball.  Will try at lunch tomorrow for the next two!

By the way, there are some questions coming on posting comments.  Under the Discussion page, go to the bottom, beyond the reference links and the ads (I am going to cut back on those bastards!). At the end, where it has reference to comments, just click on this, (even if it says no comments.A form will come up.  Use you first name only.  You do have to put in e-mail address.  Do not worry.  This is not shared or published. It is used by the software to assure that the comment is not spam. website is optional.  Then just post your comment and click submit.  When it does go through, for some reason. you will get several error and warning messages.  Not sure why this is, but rest assured, your comment has gone through for me to moderate and approve….once I do, it will show up in the comments section right there.

Please comment.  I know I have weird tastes…fell free to tell me so.  Several others have given me top 10 lists of their own whcih I will publisdh when I summarize mine in a few days.

Peace hippies!

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