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As usual this will also be posted on Facebook through this handy little tool on the website…so here are the next two.  Bro Kurt was expecting a Doors song, and he got one.  For those of you who know me, when I publish a list of favorite groups, the Doors will be my number one as they have been since 1967.

This song however, is a bit different in meaning.  The Doors started on Venice Beach in Los Angeles California (my personal mecca) in 1965 with Jim Morrison sharing lyrics with Ray Manzarek (the goofy keyboardist). There are a few songs written by Morrison that have Venice beach influences, and this one is not different.  It was written when Morrison saw a tall, good looking, black woman walking down the path at Venice Beach. Flash forward to April 16, 1988. My wife is getting ready for a necessary C-Section in the birth of our daughter. The anesthesiologist wanted to lighten the air (as I was invited and did go in be with my wife for the whole procedure) by asking if we wanted any music during the C-Section. We told him of our affinity for the Doors, and he happens to have a CD in his office. As my daughter was born, right at point of delivery, the above song was playing, and it was very appropriate on so many levels:

Hello I Love You…The Doors    1-02 Hello I Love You

My second favorite group of all time is Styx. They were a local legend long before ever hitting it big, playing at the Brat stop in Kenosha, Memorial Hall in Racine, all over the area. The song “Lady” was known to us long before it ever became a hit, played locally since ’72, and not becoming a hit until ’75. Long background on this group and history, a bit of it captured in an earlier post on the website. “Show Me The Way” was released on an album at a time after the mega super group hits of the 70’s were over, and they were trying to make a comeback (sans Tommy Shaw).  Cannot remember the year. No lengthy discussion on this song and why it makes the top 10, just to say, I think this is what many struggle with throughout their lives, whether they can admit it or not

Show Me The Way…Styx 02 Show Me The Way

Thats it for today. May take the weekend off before continuing.

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