The final installment.  After this, I will summarize my list, and then start adding lists for several of you that have sent your list to me in e-mail.

This next one has been heard lately….I say lately, actually for the last 7 or so years as the opening theme song for the television show CSI Miami. This song strings it all together, great lyrics, great rock song, great bridge (although a bit too long for my A.A.D.D. tastes), great playing on guitar and drums, and it really captured a lot of the impressionism that I was exposed to as I went through the HS/College years back in the dark, dark ages. The song, of course is

Won’t Get Fooled Again……The Who.  Once again, too long to put into MP3 file here, so watch CSI Miami for a brief taste or look it up on the internet.  But what I will offer here is, how can you not like a song that came off of that the album cover below?

Top 10 Album Cover?

Top 10 Album Cover?


The last song I will take the criticisms of my fellow critic, Robert.  He will dog me for this one. Conversely, this may surprise those I play music with. Do not have the MP3 version of this either, but in the end, you should look this one up. The song captures great, meaningful lyrics, with a production that is top notch, combining a full orchestra song into, albeit, quite a mellow (soft rock?) song. This was a tough pic from another song on the same CD, the artist was specifically great at capturing moments in lyric and expanding the piece with a tremendous music.  He passed way too early….

Netherlands….Dan Fogelberg.  This can stand to show you I am not only hard rock oriented (or hair band, more specifically) and that my tastes are varied.

Fire away, Robert.

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