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Todays entries seem to have a underlying theme of “dirty hippie”.  Robert knows oh too well that I am one, I expect his comments accordingly.  OK. Here it goes….and, without even trying, I know both of these song files are too big to place the MP3’s in here…so sorry about that

When The Children Cry – White Lion.  I bet a get backlash on this one, if even many of you even know this group. Suffice it to say, this song, when I year it has a profound effect on me for reasons we will not go into.  In the end, it is a song about getting rid of government, from a viewpoint of innocence. Lets all just go into our little corners, build our huts, gather our wood, and grow happily old without all this bull shit political non action that results in daily news no better than a British tabloid.  We are not the country we once were….but oh so many are afraid to admit it. Its that pride thing going again…..

When The Music’s Over – The Doors

This next song is the second entry of the Doors.  Running 11:00 minutes in length, to me it is an anthem of decay and what man has done to the earth and our enviroment. Not a tree hugger, folks, do not worry.  Just a poigniant view of our world.  Despite the hippie type subject of this song, Morrison was no hippie.  He lived in the times, but his personality and 149 IQ were guided in complete different directions (I never got that IQ when his Shaman spirit jumped into my soul in July of 1971, j..ju…just kidding, really)…so this subject area was a departure from many of the other songs written by him where there were personal experiences or observations involved. I remember my roomate (undoubtedly becoming concern over my deepening affinity for The Doors back in ’74)   Mark offering a branch when he heard this song indicating how interesting it was…….thanks Mark, you were good to put up with me way back then and now as well……but I know one thing he heard that he loved, as I do about this song: that hypnotic organ intro with Morrison’s sarcastic snear and scream that sets the tone for this song and the chaos of the times back then (and now)

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