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On November 18, 2009, in Favorite Music, by admin

Life got ahead of me, but here we are back again.  Today are two more entries for my top 10 all time favorite songs.  For those who want to comment, read the last post on this page, some hints and instructions included there.

The next one comes from a group out of the 80’s, once again. I have seen this group 9 times total in concert as they are one of the many Hair Bands that tour yearly, only, this one is graced with a bi-polar lead singer that unfortunately, when he seemingly hasn’t taken his meds, pulls the great group performance down with him.  I have seen Jani Lane shine, and then, not so much.  As a result he is in and out (currently out) of Warrant seemingly more than we change our underwear.  Sorry for the bad pictorial. The song is “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. It has a decidely southern flavor with great guitar work, and I do not know, just love the song, and it is difficult to really pin down why.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Warrant   File too big, check the web for down loads

The next song gets away a bit from the hard rock tastes.  I am not certain how to classify this song or group.  But this song reminds me very much of a relative that was instumental in my upbringing. The meloncholy mood of this song with its matter of fact approach to death is refreshingly like this relative, and somehow, “Old and Wise” just seemed to fit her description totally.  I am reminded of her every time I hear this, and, even though the song is a bit grim, the matter fact approach of the song and her personality leave me always in a better mood after listening. It also incorporates heavy strings into rock/pop music, which I have always enjoyed.

Old and Wise – Alan Parsons Project    2-05 Old And Wise

Next two very soon. And I know one of them I will not be able  to load because of file size, it runs 11+ minutes.  Anyone have an idea what that could be?

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